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We are a fresh innovative catering company based in Brussels.

Click on a link to download our menus  - the seasonal menus start with breakfast and coffee breaks, through to hot and cold buffets, our business lunch delivery options on to canapes and walking dinners.

We pride ourselves on offering REAL FOOD with good nutrition to boot. We are trying to reduce the sugar and refined flour where we can without sacrificing on taste. We not only cater to most allergies but we are mainstreaming many gluten and grain-free wholefoods so that you can offer your guests informed choices and options. In terms of style, we are not only offer a British menu, but rather a modern interpretation of an international Atlantic style - with plenty from the Nordic and Baltic Kitchen, through the North Sea, Britain and Ireland, France and the Iberian Peninsula, with touches from our American and Latin cousins on the other side, and a few eclectic dishes from our travels afar.

A VIBRANT menu celebrating from Spring to Midsummer - bright fresh flavours, lighter and a burst of colour and taste

A HARVEST menu as the days turn cooler, celebrating the bounty of the autumn

A FESTIVE menu for celebrations at the end of the year

A RENEWAL menu for Winter and Early Spring - comforting and cleansing, simple tastes and a touch of spice

Should you be looking for something different, not covered in our menus - please contact us - our kitchen team love a challenge and we would be happy to look at something bespoke with enough demand and notice. Our other menu ideas are available here

It would be our pleasure to work with you to provide you with tasty treats for a birthday party, to handle all aspects of your wedding, or to cater a working lunch, cocktail party or other corporate event.

We offer companies, organisations and people living in and around Brussels with a fresh and innovative approach. We take a tasty, modern and healthy approach to food and drinks, whether it be a working lunch, a cocktail party, a social gathering with friends or intimate fine dining. Our menus are globally inspired but locally sourced.

Please have a browse through our website. You’ll find information on the kinds of dishes we prepare, the events and services we offer, price lists, drinks proposals and quite a few pictures. Sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.

We hope that this will inspire you and if it has whetted your appetite to see what we can offer you at your next function, we’d love to hear from you.

You can contact us for more information

Bon appétit!

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